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Package Design and Engineering

MBX salesmen are experts in package design.   They are experienced with all facets of engineering including package handling, weight, center-of-gravity, stacking, shipping, deck board span, i.d./o.d., fork entry, visibility, clearances, corner closure, lumber species, fasteners, and reusability.

Our salesmen will come to your location, measure your product, and discuss all factors affecting its packing, handling, and shipping.   Our salesmen will then coordinate with our industrial engineer and production staff.   The MBX Team will design you a package with superior strength and durability.

A sample package will be constructed for your approval.  

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Package Design


MBX uses AutoCAD to document the precise details of a package design from concept to completion.


Pallet Design System PDS

Package Engineering


MBX has access to Pallet Design System PDS which can help evaluate which pallet or skid design can be your best selection.



MBX is an industry innovator.   We created a double hinged corner which gives our collapsible crates versatile, high strength corners.   Ease of setup is one of its best features helping you do what you need to do quickly and with less effort.