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ISTA Certified Testing

MBX is a member of the International Safe Transit Association and has operated an ISTA Testing Lab since 1961.

Our Test Lab operates 2 first class testing machines - an Inclined Impact Tester and a Fixed Displacement Vibration Tester.   The machines test dynamic (in-transit) package environments.   The machines simulate the vibration and shock a packaged product may be subject to during shipment.


The SlammerOur heavy duty Inclined Impact Tester consists of a dolly which rolls down a track inclined at a 15 degree angle.   The dolly strikes a fixed backstop.   The dolly is 6 feet square and the backstop is 8' by 8'.   The loaded dolly may be released from different points along the inclined track to produce varying amounts of shock.   The nature of the product and the configuration of the package will determine which faces and edges of the package to be impacted.


Static (stationary) weight environments (warehousing and stacking demands) are stress tested by placing lumber bundles on top of crates for lengthy periods of time.

Vibrator Test Machine


Our Gaynes Fixed Displacement Vibration Tester has a 2500 pound capacity, a table size of 7 feet square, a speed range of 100 to 300 RPM, and a throw of one inch.   The large weight capacity allows the vibration of stacked units.   One hour of vibration is the rough equivalent of 1000 miles shipping distance.


The cycle of design, testing, evaluation, and re-design under controlled and reproducible conditions enables us to minimize handling and shipping damage without over packaging.

Lansmont Drop Tester



MBX uses a Lansmont Drop Tester to analyze packages that are dropped from selected heights.   Different package angles can be impacted to test edges, corners, and flat drops.



The process of vibrating and impacting tests a package, but it may also reveal product flaws of which a manufacturer is unaware of.   At times customers have requested that we vibrate and impact their products without our protecting package.

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