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Marathon Box Co

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Marathon Box Corp

Marathon Box Co

Marathon Box Co

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Marathon Box Co

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MBX has manufactured industrial crating since 1892.    

Our roots run deep in the timber-rich soil of the northern forests.

Our connection to lumbering in central Wisconsin traces back over 160 years and five generations.   In 1848, Doctor William Scholfield (a great-great-grandfather of the current management generation) built a dam and a sawmill at the confluence of the Eau Claire and Wisconsin rivers.   Dr. Scholfield was an early innovator introducing rotary saws into river mills.   Rotary saws increased mill output and yielded higher quality lumber.   Timber could be edged and cross cut making sawn dimensions more accurate than frame saws.   Demand was enormous.   Lumber was shipped on the Mississippi river to areas as far as St. Louis.

Dr. Scholfield envisioned a village next to his sawmill.   He erected homes, established a store, constructed a warehouse, and built necessary shops to keep his mill in good repair.   The village of Schofield, Wisconsin was incorporated to honor Dr. Scholfield after his passing.

Wausau Box and Lumber



In 1892,   Dr. Scholfield's son became a controlling partner in the Wausau Box and Lumber Company which occupied 40 acres on the Wisconsin river's west bank.

The company employed 135 workers and shipped product throughout the United States and Mexico.



In 1927, a fire leveled Wausau Box.   New facilities were required so Marathon Box Corporation was organized.   It was located on the east bank of the Wisconsin river in Wausau.   During World War II, the factory's entire production was devoted to wood packaging needs for the war.

In 1982, Marathon Box needed to expand.   A move was made to our current location on the west bank of the Wisconsin river.   In 1989, Marathon Box changed its name to MBX Packaging Specialists.

MBX continues the mission started by Wausau Box of manufacturing the highest quality crating in the industry.

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